Scorpions Trivial

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Who is the lead singer of Scorpions?

Klaus Meine
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That was easy

What song was written after the Scorpions' first visit to New York City and West 42nd Street?

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Which album did the Scorpions release in 1980?

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In 1981, singer Klaus Meine developed nodes and a polyp on his vocal cords, resulting in two surgeries.

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Which of these songs was featured on the "Freejack" soundtrack?

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The song "Nightmare Avenue" is on which album?

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Which of these songs Rudy singing with Klaus?

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From which song is this picture of Matthias Jabs

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The songs "Bad For Good" and "Cause I Love You" were recorded specially for the album "Acoustica".

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Scorpions at their best with.......

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Scorpions Trivial
Wrong! You got no answer correct! Go to Justin Bieber next time...

You know The wind of Change this is something too. Try again....

Scorpios formed in 1965...Learn more

You tried but got one wrong 🙁 ...

You are Dynamite...You are true fan of Legendary 5+1 SCORPIONS

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