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Acoustica Tour 2001

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Sunday, February 4th, 2001 Coliseum Porto Portugal
Thursday, February 8th, 2001 Convento do Beato Lisbon Portugal
Friday, February 9th, 2001 Convento do Beato Lisbon Portugal
Saturday, February 10th, 2001 Convento do Beato Lisbon Portugal
Monday, March 19th, 2001 Unknown Minsk Belarus
Thursday, March 22nd, 2001 Unknown Moscow Russian Federation
Sunday, March 25th, 2001 Unknown St. Petersburg Russian Federation
Wednesday, March 28th, 2001 Linnahall Tallinn Estonia
Friday, March 30th, 2001 Unknown Riga Latvia
Monday, April 2nd, 2001 Unknown Vilnius Lithuania
Thursday, April 5th, 2001 Unknown Kiev, Ukraine Ukraine
Saturday, April 7th, 2001 Open Air Grindelwald Switzerland
Thursday, May 31st, 2001 EXPO Plaza Hannover Germany
Monday, June 4th, 2001 Stadium Tirana Albania
Tuesday, June 5th, 2001 Stadium Tirana Albania
Saturday, June 9th, 2001 Schloßplatz Meersburg Germany
Tuesday, June 12th, 2001 Unknown Munich Germany
Thursday, June 21st, 2001 Place de la Republique Paris France
Friday, June 22nd, 2001 Katschhof Aachen Germany
Friday, June 29th, 2001 Unknown Travemünde Germany
Thursday, July 26th, 2001 Unknown Seoul Korea (South)
Friday, July 27th, 2001 Unknown Seoul Korea (South)
Saturday, July 28th, 2001 Unknown Pusan Singapore
Monday, July 30th, 2001 Convention Center Singapore Singapore
Wednesday, August 1st, 2001 Unknown Manilla Philippines
Friday, August 3rd, 2001 Bukit Jalil Stadium Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Sunday, August 5th, 2001 Unknown Bandung Indonesia
Tuesday, August 7th, 2001 Unknown Bangkok Thailand
Thursday, August 9th, 2001 Unknown Bangalore India
Thursday, August 16th, 2001 Unknown Portimao Portugal
Friday, August 17th, 2001 Open Air Lüthisburg Switzerland
Sunday, August 19th, 2001 Theatre Plein Air-Parc Colmar France
Saturday, August 25th, 2001 Schlosspark Künzelsau Germany
Friday, August 31st, 2001 Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen Germany
Saturday, September 1st, 2001 Emslandhalle Lingen Germany
Monday, September 3rd, 2001 Unknown Ljubljana Slovenia
Wednesday, September 5th, 2001 Unknown Belgrad Serbia
Saturday, September 8th, 2001 Unknown Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monday, September 10th, 2001 Unknown Budva Montenegro
Wednesday, September 12th, 2001 Unknown Skopje Macedonia
Thursday, September 13th, 2001 Unknown Pristina Albania
Saturday, September 15th, 2001 Unknown Magnycours France
Monday, September 17th, 2001 Unknown Munich Germany
Wednesday, September 19th, 2001 SEF Stadium Athens Greece

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