Trivial 10 Scorps Questions

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Who's on the Blackout Cover?

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The musical crime that the band is committing for almost 30 years, not to play live....

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In which of those songs, sing Klaus, Rudy and Uli?

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Which member of the band had the nickname Lollo?

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What vocalist did fill-in studio work for Klaus Meine on "Blackout" by the Scorpions?

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In which year "World Wide Live" was released on EMI for Europe and Mercury for Usa?

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The Scorpions were the first German group to perform three sold out shows where?

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In which famous concert did Jabs appear with this guitar

Scorpions Jabs
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What Scorpions album did "Playboy" praise because of its provocative artwork?

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What band merged with the Scorpions prior to their second album?

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Trivial 10 Questions
Wrong! You got no answer correct! Go to Justin Bieber next time...

Not good.Try again....

Do you think you are a true Scorpions Fan?

You tried but got one wrong 🙁 ...

You are Dynamite...You are true Scorpions fan...

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